Many Audiences, Many Languages

Increasingly, Vox has been producing video in multiple languages for audiences in the U.S. and abroad. For Physicians for Human Rights, Vox profiled pioneering physician Denis Mukwege from Democratic Republic of the Congo. Dr. Mukwege speaks French, but rather than relying on subtitles alone or dubbing an English version, we worked with graphics on screen to translate his words. This provided an elegant complement to the interview, and preserved the sound of his voice, placing his message front and center for both French and English speakers.

For WGBH and Annenberg’s, Vox produced K-12 teacher professional development videos to support Arabic teaching in U.S. schools. We filmed in classrooms around the country, where instruction and class discussion was naturally in both Arabic and English. To make the videos as useful as possible, all Arabic content was captioned in English and all English content was captioned in Arabic, providing accessible resources for teachers themselves, as well as those who work with them in professional development contexts.

The Basics is a Harvard initiative that provides parents and caregivers of infants, toddlers, and young children with practices that support healthy development. As media partner for the program, we have produced custom videos reflecting the specific communities that are participating. Here is the The Basics intro in Spanish.

Looking to produce video in multiple languages? Whether your goal is reaching global audiences, or speaking authentically to a community nearby, Vox can help you with a multi-lingual approach to production, editing and delivery.

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