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Guy DeFeis and Paul Stern founded Vox in 1989 to shine a light on issues promoted by organizations working in the social justice and public health sectors. Today, nearly three decades later, Vox is a vibrant, full-service media company serving a diversity of clients. We deal with a broad spectrum of subjects and activities, ranging from human rights to medicine, science to the arts, education to corporate marketing.

As we have grown in size and production capacity, our mission has remained unchanged: to provide our clients with the best of our talents, energy, and vision. From the first concept meeting to the final sign-off, Vox’s team works in close partnership with every client on every project. We work collaboratively, pooling our resources and expertise to produce effective and meaningful communication.


Heather Riley

Heather Riley

Executive Producer/Owner

Heather leads Vox with a passion for understanding a client’s mission and objectives, collaborating to develop the most impactful content, and working with her talented team to figure out how best to bring it to life. An experienced producer of broadcast programs and educational media, Heather has produced PBS series, short films, documentaries, and   a variety of formats for advocacy, events, exhibitions and professional development. Most recently, Heather has been working in the education sector, producing extensive content for Edutopia, Northeastern, WGBH, and MIT.

Kenny Caudill

Kenny Caudill

senior editor, Head of post-production

In charge of all things post-production, Kenny is a talent in the edit suite and master of Vox technology, systems, and flow. An editor with mastery in multiple platforms, motion graphics, and audio/video finishing, Kenny has created content for Discovery, Travel Channel, Food Network, and Disney, as well as for education, advocacy, and corporate clients.

Monica Duque

producer/media manager/editor

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Greg Palmer

Julie Loncich


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Kenny Caudill

Jared Morris


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Sean Sandefur

Paul Stern and Guy DeFeis

Co-Founders, Consultants

Co-founders of Vox, Paul and Guy created extraordinary content for almost three decades and while doing so, built a truly amazing company. Vox has a long tradition of being a warm, welcoming, fun place to be, and Paul and Guy were the ones who made that happen. Though no longer involved day to day, they are both  mentors, thought partners and friends to the organization.