Filming a live burn to help libraries save collections

Emergency plans: every household is encouraged to have one in place, with the steps to protect life and property, and how to recover should disaster strike. Libraries, museums and other cultural heritage organizations need to prepare as well, and Vox Television is helping the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners provide training for librarians, archivists, and preservation workers on emergency planning and response. The initiative, Finding Common Ground: Collaborative Training for the Cultural Heritage and Emergency Response Communities, consists of trainings all over the state, capped off by a “live burn,” demonstration fire that shows what happens when heritage collections burn, and what to do to salvage them after the fire.

The Vox crew was on site at the fire training facility to film the burn on what was already a very hot day this June, and the resulting videos will become part of a national training.

Here’s an example of the video, which lets you see, hear, and feel what a fire in your museum or library would be like, as well as participating in the hard work of salvage a few days later. Be glad that we didn’t have a “smellavision” option on our cameras. It’s pretty intense.

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