The Wonders of Green Screen

Looking for an affordable way to make a professional video? Green screen might be the ticket.  This is the practice of creating a composite image in video, for instance when a meteorologist stands in front of a weather map which is actually created later and combined with the video.

Although green screen (or more accurately chroma key compositing) has been around quite a while, modern production techniques, equipment, and editing smarts put this in reach of many clients and offer real benefits:

• Green screen set ups can provide the visual power of a location shoot with out the inconvenience and cost necessary to secure the ‘perfect spot.’

• It comes to you, rather than the other way around: The Vox team, green backdrops in hand, can set up a shoot on site at a clients’ office in a morning.

• More flexibility for graphics and repurposing. Green screen footage  welcomes a wide range graphics treatments and repurposing (for instance swapping in other backgrounds).

Here’s a before and after green screen shoot for our client, IIJ, Institutional Investor Journals.


The set up–IIJ’s four experts at a table in front of a green screen.
2. Still from the footage during the shoot.
3. Still from the completed video. The guests are now in a boardroom setting, with IIJ branding and a view of the Boston skyline.

What might green screen do for your communications strategy?  Get in touch to learn more.